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Keeping active

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Physiotherapy treatment of injuries and disabilities

Physiotherapy has a vital role to play in the treatment of injuries and disabilities.  It involves a programme of exercises designed to help people with debilitating conditions enjoy an active and independent life by preventing and relieving movement disorders, improving physical strength and stamina and reducing the risks of injury and deformity.  Physiotherapy is particularly useful for managing stiffness, balance, spasticity, tremors and spasms.

Evidence suggests that many people with chronic disabling conditions are not receiving physiotherapy and as a consequence are experiencing greater problems with their posture and mobility.

Physiotherapy should ideally commence as soon as possible following diagnosis, attacks, relapses, flare-ups or exacerbations to allow you to reach your full potential and limit the severity and progression of your symptoms. The type of physiotherapy approach and the intensity of the therapy will vary depending on your specific needs and the findings of the physiotherapy assessment. Most people do not require constant physiotherapy input; however, there are benefits to bursts of rehabilitation following a relapse or a change in functional capacity and to sustaining a daily exercise regime at home.

Keeping active

Exercise can be the last thing you want to do when you are fatigued, in pain or debilitated. However, exercising is one of the best ways to achieve:-

  • a better range of movement and joint mobility

  • increased muscle strength

  • less pain and stiffness

  • increased energy

A good exercise programme will incorporate three types of exercise: range of movement, strengthening and aerobic exercises.

      These exercises allow your muscles to work more efficiently.

NHS physiotherapy services often have a long waiting list and treatment is generally restricted to a few sessions. RAMS is able to provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment as soon and as often as is required.

You will be treated with a hands on approach and will be taught and shown how to help yourself to regain movement and co-ordination.


Other Therapies offered by RAMS

If you require any information regarding our other therapies please follow the links listed below. These therapies can be provided as stand-alone treatments or as suplementry treatments to all our other therapies, including any ongoing medical treatments provided by your doctor or consultant. Note: permission by your doctor or consultant is required.



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        Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy