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Electromagnetic Therapy

What is Electromagnetic Therapy?

How does Electromagnetic Therapy work?

What conditions can Electromagnetic Therapy treat?

What are the benefits of Electromagnetic Therapy?

Is Electromagnetic Therapy safe - are there side effects?

How will I feel when I receive Electromagnetic Therapy?

When will I start to benefit from Electromagnetic Therapy?

How often do I come for treatment?

How long does each treatment take?

Can I take my medication whilst receiving treatment?

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Electromagnetic Therapy

What is Electromagnetic Therapy?

Electromagnetic Therapy produces gentle, low induction impulses which help to stimulate and rejuvenate the cells in the body. This can lead to improved health and well-being.


How does Electromagnetic Therapy work?

The treatment stimulates the production of nitrogen monoxide within the body which leads to better blood supply and circulation. Cells become well oxygenated- they detoxify, regenerate and reproduce. The immune system is boosted and the body’s resistance to infection is improved.

Electromagnetic Therapy can therefore assist in the treatment of a wide range of ailments, including wounds, injuries and chronic diseases.


What conditions can Electromagnetic Therapy treat?

It is most commonly used for the treatment of neurological disorders, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s  Disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Leg Ulceration, Pain & Migraine, Stress & Depression, Sports Injuries, Lethargy and Athletic Performance.


What are the benefits of Electromagnetic Therapy?

Electromagnetic Therapy is known to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, regenerative and relaxant effects which relieve many debilitating symptoms. In general, this therapy can:-

  • reduce pain and cramps

  • decrease spasticity

  • improve mobility and coordination

  • improve bladder control

  • increase energy levels

  • improve mood and sense of well-being

  • promote restful sleep

  • improve the body's immunity and help prevent infection

  • improve concentration

  • regulate levels of blood pressure and cholesterol

  • help relieve stress

  • help prevent osteoporosis

  • lower the levels of lactic acid in the muscles

  • help relaxation

  • speed up post-strain recovery

  • improve oxygen supply and circulation


Is Electromagnetic Therapy safe- are there any side effects?

Yes, it is very safe. Some minor side effects may occur but no serious side effects have been reported. The following effects may occur temporarily- tingling, numbness, warm sensations, sleep disorders (observed only in 3% of patients), irritability (observed in the first few days after exposure in approximately 4% of women and 1% of men), concentration disorders and temporary intensification of pain.


What happens when I receive Electromagnetic Therapy- how will I feel?

To receive treatment you will be fully clothed on a bed or chair depending on your mobility. Most people feel nothing more than a slight warmth. Occasionally minor tingling sensations are felt in parts of the body. People with painful conditions can have a slight increase in the amount of pain that they feel, but this will only last for one to three sessions. After this, the analgesic effect of the equipment starts to work and pain is very much lessened. Many people report a feeling of well-being after just a few treatments.


How long will it be before I start benefiting from Electromagnetic Therapy?

This will depend upon the condition being treated. Age, lifestyle, fitness and the nature and severity of the condition also play a part in how quickly you will react to treatments. Pain may disappear after just 1-3 sessions.

ARTHRITIS: Initial pain reduction will start after 2-3 sessions. You can expect to feel much less pain and have more movement after 6 weeks of treatment.

PAIN & SPORTS INJURIES: The response, even in long-term conditions is very quick.

CHRONIC AILMENTS: Chronic conditions such as MS and  Parkinson’s Disease will normally respond well, with varying times and levels of relief depending on the severity of the condition.

OSTEOPOROSIS: Sufferers from osteoporosis will start to have increased bone density after 6-12 months.

CHOLESTEROL & HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: High cholesterol levels will normally be lowered after 3-4 months. High blood pressure levels normally fall significantly after 1-2 months.

OTHER CONDITIONS: Many other conditions not listed here may respond very well to Electromagnetic Therapy. Please contact us for further information.


How often will I have to come for treatment?

In chronic conditions or periods of relapse, a minimum of once a week treatment or better still twice a week is recommended. If the injury or illness is recent it is advisable to have treatment every other day.

Sports and minor injuries will require an intensive course of treatment until full recovery/ healing is achieved. Chronic conditions by their nature will require ongoing treatment to maintain well-being and symptom relief.


How long does each treatment take?

The initial treatment will take about 20-45 minutes. The follow-up treatments depending on your condition will take between 10-30 minutes.


Can I continue to take medication whilst having Electromagnetic Therapy?

Yes. Electromagnetic Therapy is designed to be used alongside normal medical procedures, so we recommend that you continue to use prescribed medications and follow the advice of your doctor /consultant.

If you are chronically ill, we recommend that you inform your medical practitioner that you will be using magnetostimulation equipment.


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